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Reduce lost revenue from missed appointments with reliable appointment reminders from directSMS

As a medical professional, salon owner or other service provider, there’s nothing more frustrating than clients or patients missing their appointments.

Missed appointments mean lost revenue and profits that can never be reclaimed (unless you charge cancellation fees, which customers resent – even if they are at fault.)

The good news is: SMS Appointment Reminders from directSMSare a proven way to dramatically slash missed appointments and maximise revenue-per-hour in your business or practice.

Setting up your directSMS account is free – you’ll be sending appointment reminders from your web browser or email program within minutes. And there are no ongoing fees whatsoever. You only pay for the SMS messages you send.

And your customers and clients will appreciate your SMS reminders, too! No one likes to miss an appointment, and an SMS reminder allows clients a second chance to re-check their diaries, or at least re-schedule in advance if their time slot is no longer convenient.

Many directSMS clients have found that using our SMS Appointment Reminder service immediately saves them hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month in lost revenue, while increasing service levels and reducing frustration for both staff and customers.

Scheduled Message View

Scheduled Message View

You can also make use of our 2-way SMS system to ask customers to confirm if they are going to attend or not. Our system is clever enough to correlate each reply with your original reminder saving you time and reducing the number of no-shows.

Step By Step Guide

To find out more about how to utilise our Web 2 SMS system to do send your appointment reminders. Please see our SMS Appointment Reminders – Step By Step Guide.

The guide will walk you through some of the main considerations you need to keep in mind while adding SMS reminders to your business process. As well as walk you through how to send personalised reminders in bulk using the mail merge functionality built into the Web 2 SMS platform.

Relevant Case Studies

Check out some of the results our clients were able to achieve:

Why Choose directSMS?

  • Easy-to-use SMS platform you can access via any web browser or email program.
  • Access to Australia-based customer service and technical support, when you need it
  • There are NO setup fees and NO ongoing fees.
  • Guaranteed reliability trusted by hundreds of Australian medical professionals, beauty salons and other service providers since 2001.

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