SMS API For Developers and Application Programming

SMS API For Developers and Application Programming

Developer API

A first-class, feature-rich SMS Gateway and APIs that lets you integrate SMS into your applications or systems

Need to integrate SMS into a website, application or system? The suite of directSMS APIs (Application Programming Interface) makes it easy for developers and system integrators to integrate SMS messaging into their applications and/or systems.

Features At A Glance

You will get a comprehensive set of SMS Gateway features including:

  • Send 1-way and 2-way SMS
  • 2-way message tracking and reply correlation
  • Alphanumeric Sender ID (SMS originator)
  • Concatenated (long) SMS support
  • Simple integration with multiple options
  • Support for bulk messaging
  • Message delivery tracking

Flexible Integration Options To Suit Your Technology

We offer several APIs to speed up your implementation:

API Description Documentation Download


Interact with the directSMS gateway by sending HTTP/S requests. This API allows for the rapid development of lightweight applications and clients.

Code samples: PHP, VB.NET, C#, Java



Integrate your PHP based website or application with the directSMS gateway. This API is built on the HTTP API.

Code samples are included in the download bundle.



Allows client applications to interact with the directSMS gateway using SOAP XML messages over HTTP or HTTPS.

Please note, the SOAP API is not as feature rich as our base HTTP API.


Integration & Messaging Costs

A full breakdown of all integration and messaging costs for both Guaranteed and StandardPlus SMS can be found below. You will also see a contrast of the two grades of service and their recommended applications.

How To Get Started

Register for your FREE TRIAL right now and start integrating SMS into your applications and systems within minutes!

  • Register online through our website and you can be sending SMS messages within minutes. The system will give you some free credits to use during your free trial.
  • Notify the support team that you would like to enable API access on your new account. This will start your FREE API trial.
  • Create your client application using your chosen interface.
  • Integrate your solution and start sending some test messages.
  • Purchase more credits when you run out by clicking the "Purchase Credits" button once you log in.
  • Talk to us about our bulk rates. Post-paid monthly accounts are available to corporate or government customers.