4 Reasons SMS is more effective than email for marketing and promotions to your contact list

Phone-BenchA direct SMS marketing campaign can turn a contact list into a goldmine of happy, satisfied customers, boosting revenue and income. Here are four reasons why using an SMS gateway provider to market via text messaging – no matter the size of your business – will add real value to your campaign.

1. Reach

Around the world there are 4 billion mobile phones, all text enabled. Try to name someone who doesn’t have a mobile: it’s harder than you think. Most people keep their mobile near to hand: as I write this, mine is next to me.

The vast majority of people have their mobile within easy reach at all times.

2. Text messaging is popular

The popularity of communicating by text has risen exponentially over recent years, with 80% of mobile users sending texts and receiving texts daily.

3. View Rates

Ask any marketing manager and they will tell you that the hardest part of an email marketing campaign is getting customers to open and read a promotional message. This isn’t the case with SMS marketing.

The vast majority of people will open a text and read it. The open rate for an SMS campaign outstrips all other marketing channels, including email, Facebook and Twitter, by a large margin. This is why so many companies are switching their focus to SMS marketing rather than traditional marketing and social media channels.

4. Return on Investment and Conversion Rates

Encouraging your customers to see your promotion is all well and good, but you’ll need this to translate into sales and engagement?  It’s been proven that more people respond to SMS marketing than both social media and telemarketing campaigns: and that converts directly to more active customer engagement, increased sales, and a higher ROI.

Another benefit is in the costing structure. When you conduct an SMS campaign, you know how many people will see your message: you pay for numbers, rather than potential. Email marketing does not have this bang for your buck – you send emails to your list, but the majority of those will probably be ignored, simply because it’s far easier to do so.

Are you losing out?

If you are not yet tapping into the potential of an SMS campaign, you could be missing out on engagement with your most valuable contact list members. And when it comes to customer engagement and conversion to sales, SMS has advantages over email marketing which can’t be ignored.

Setting up an SMS campaign can be completed in just a few minutes, at little or no cost. Your customers will become increasingly engaged with you and your products, with your brand building customer loyalty. SMS messaging is short, sweet, and to the point: perhaps the best direct marketing tool available to businesses today.