Best SMS Marketing Tips for Retail

plan Using SMS messaging to promote retail business can be a highly effective tool, helping to grow a loyal customer base. The key to success is balancing both promotion and customer engagement.Retail sales are driven by direct promotion to the general public – without marketing sales will be non-existent. SMS marketing is the fastest and most efficient form of direct marketing, with messages delivered within minutes and opened by almost 100% of targets.

Engaging customers with your message

By following a few simple rules, retail businesses will find it easy to engage and retain customers while growing an SMS marketing list. Sending timely and relevant SMS messages to your list is the overriding rule, but combined with this approach there are a number of SMS message categories that retailers have found to work. These include:

  • Announcement of special deals and new products

    Let your customers know about new and upcoming promotions, particularly those that are time sensitive. This type of SMS fills a void that traditional advertising simply cannot fill. New products can be given a boost when first released to the market, too.

  • Loyalty rewards

    Give your customers the feeling of being valued and wanted with VIP shopping dates or exclusive deals.

  • Send discount codes

    A great way to boost the sales of promotional items is to send discount codes redeemable in-store or online.

  • Ask what your customers want

    Votes and polls are a winning way to engage your customers. Request their opinion and act upon what they tell you, whether it is related to the goods and services you offer or the type of promotion they prefer to receive.

  • Run regular competitions

    Everyone loves the chance to win something, and running draws or quizzes will help engagement and brand awareness.

  • Confirm appointments

    If you engage in one-on-one consultations, sending a confirmation SMS messages has been shown to reduce missed appointments.

SMS messaging is a great way to build your brand and personalise the shopping experience for customers.  Marketing can be tailored to your niche, and your campaign will benefit from greater customer penetration than other methods of promotion and marketing.

SMS marketing is a proven method of customer engagement which helps organisations to connect with their target audience. By using a variety of approaches, marketers will profit from an engaged customers that welcome the next SMS message with anticipation and not boredom.