Big Name Retailers Are Now Prioritising Mobile Marketing Over Email Marketing & Other Traditional Marketing Channels (Hot News)

smsRetail Giants prioritise Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing has seen phenomenal growth over the last few years and this is reflected by the big name retailers now prioritising this form of marketing over traditional methods. When you consider the exponential rise in the adoption of smartphone and tablet use – a trend that is set to continue – it’s easy to see why.

Here at directSMS, we’ve seen this growth first hand as a SMS gateway provider.

Everyone reads a text when they receive it

Big brand names understand that mobile platforms serve billions of global users at any time of the day or night.  SMS marketing puts a business in front of users as no other marketing method can. Access to customers is unrivalled, as are conversion rates.

Universal appeal

Customers use their phones for much more than simply making phone calls.  Apps available on smartphones allow users to perform all manner of things: marketers know this presents a unique marketing opportunity to engage with customers, improving shopping experience and increasing a business’s ROI.

Customer Focused

SMS marketing allows focus to remain solidly on the customer. SMS message views are near 100%, and conversion rates have been shown to be way higher than any other marketing. No greater evidence of this is seen than with those companies that understand the needs and desires of their customers, and create direct SMS campaigns accordingly.

This marketing methodology builds trust and customer loyalty, with a business reaping the ensuing benefits.

Big name retailers study how their customers interact with their brand and develop value and benefits to suit.  An SMS campaign such as the services offered by directSMS will improve the experience of and engagement by your customers and their loyalty to your brand.

Here at directSMS we work with companies ranging from blue chip corporations to one man operations.  As a bulk SMS gateway and service provider, we have the experience of our customers as evidence of achievable results. We are proud to have helped so many reach their goals and beyond.

Our flexible solutions ensure costs are kept low, and our support ensures successful campaigns in marketing to your customers time and again.

Why not join the thousands of businesses who are already reaping the benefits of a SMS campaign?  We’re so confident of your success, that here at directSMS we offer a free trial and a 100% money back guarantee.

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