How To Create The Best SMS Offers

Are you ready to create SMS offers that drive big results for your business?

We’ve put together a few simple and easy to follow instructions to help you create the most effective SMS offers.

In this example, we’re going to create a summer discount offer for our imaginary hamburger chain Moo Cow Burgers.

The steps are fairly straight forward once you’ve got your list of recipients.

SMS Offer Template

SMS Offer Template

1. Identify Your Business

We start off by identifying the business sending this offer. You’d be surprised at the number of people who fail to do this.

2. Lead With Your Offer

It’s best practice to lead with the offer you are making to your customers. Get them hooked straight away.

You can then follow up with any fine print or any qualifying criteria.

In this case, Moo Cow Burgers are offering a 20% discount on any order above $20.

3. Add Redemption Instructions

How do you want customers to redeem this offer? This largely depends on how much effort your customers need to go through to redeem this and how you want to track take up and redemption.

You can send an offer code for the customer to enter into your website. You can ask them to show the message as per the example above. You can have them quote a “secret password” to your sales staff on the phone.

You’re only limited by your imagination…. And your POS or eCommerce platforms.

4. Add Expiry Date

Having an expiry date on the offer adds a sense of urgency. It’s always best to clearly state how long the customers have to act.

5. SPAM Compliance

You have to remember. Any marketing message of any kind needs to be SPAM compliant. That means it must roughly conform to the ICU principle.

Identify – You must identify yourself in any marketing messages. Customers must always be clear who they are hearing from.

Consent – Ensure that your customers have given you direct or indirect consent to receive messages from you.

Unsubscribe – In all your marketing messages, you must give customers the ability to opt out. Including “To opt out, reply STOP” at the end of your message will do the trick. Having said this, you can ask them to call or email you instead. As long as they have a way of removing themselves from future broadcasts.

For more information on your marketing campaigns and SPAM, you can view this short video.

What Else Should We Do?

OK, so the above is good but how can we make it better? What other considerations are there?

1. Timing

In marketing timing is everything. You need to make sure the offer is in front of your target clients’ eyes when they are most likely to take notice of it and action it.

You can use the directSMS platform to craft your message and schedule it for later delivery.

2. Personalisation

If you have more client data, why not use it?

One of the biggest things you can do to improve the connection you have with your customers is to personalise each message instead of sending a generic broadcast. The same applies for emails or any other communication you are sending them.

Dear valued customer…. needs to be a thing of the past. Adding at least each customer’s first name ensures they will pay more attention to your message.

Alternatively you can personalise each offer. Perhaps you can send out a VIP only offer and a general offer.

There’s no reason why you can’t use the address book or mail merge facilities in the directSMS platform to customise each message.

Use Landing Pages

If your offer is long, or you have a lot of content you want your customers to see, all is not lost. You can always create a mobile friendly landing page and then include a short URL to this landing page in your message. Services like bitly.com and other URL shortening services are great for this.

Best of all, you can use various analytics to dissect the response and see where people went on these landing pages.

Test And Measure

Look at the reports available to you once you send your offer. You can see who received your offer, and when they received it from our delivery reports.

You can use the reports to clean your database of any old or out of date numbers. Check out the number of opt-outs and so on.

Segment your database and perform A-B style experiments. Send slightly different messages to different segments in your database to see which offer or wording is more effective.

That’s it. To your success…