Add SMS To Your Infusionsoft Campaign Using Zapier

This article will show you how to add SMS messages to your Infusionsoft marketing campaigns using directSMS’ Zappier app. If you’ve used Zapier before, this should be a very easy process. If not, we’ve included some screen grabs to make your life a lot easier.

CRM integration

Zapier detects changes to your Infusionsoft account by polling and looking for changes every 15 minutes or so. If you are looking to trigger SMS messages in real time, you will need to use the directSMS Infusionsoft plugin as detailed in this article.

OK, that gotcha out of the way…. We move onto how to use the Zapier based method.

Once you’ve set up your Zapier and directSMS accounts using the instructions in our earlier post about the new directSMS’ Zappier app going live, you need to follow the following steps to add SMS to Infusionsoft.

The example below shows you how to trigger an SMS whenever a contact is tagged with a certain tag in Infusionsoft. Applying and removing tags is a very popular way of controlling the automation behind the Infusionsoft platform.

Step 1 – Select trigger and action

So the first step is to click on the button marked “Make Zap”. From there, you need to search for the trigger application. In this case, we’re looking for “Infusionsoft”. Once that is found, you want to pick one of the events that this piece of integration will trigger on. In this case, we’re going to trigger whenever a contact is tagged in Infusionsoft.

Likewise, we need to search for the action application. In this case, we’re looking for “directSMS”. Once this is found, we want to pick the “Send SMS” action.

Select trigger and action

Select trigger and action

We now have the beginning of a zap (integration) that will run whenever a Contact in Infusionsfot is tagged with a certain tag. When Zapier detects this event, it will trigger the sending of an SMS as a result.

Step 2 – Add Infusionsoft account

Here we add the Infusionsoft account credentials. Infusionsoft will ask you to enter your username and password and to grant the Zapier platform the required permissions to interact with your Zapier account. Click Test Account to ensure the configuration works.

Add Infusionsoft account

Add Infusionsoft account

Step 3 – Add directSMS account

Here we select our directSMS account. If you haven’t added one before, the system will require your directSMS username and password. These are the same credentials you use to log onto directSMS’ customer portal.

Please note, you need to have API access enabled on your account. Please see the instructions in this article  if you have any errors when you click Test Account.

Add directSMS account

Add directSMS account

Step 4 – Add a filter on the Infusionsoft trigger

We now want to add a filter (optional) to ensure only Contacts that have just been tagged with the “Free Quote” tag will trigger this integration.

Filter for "Free Quote" contacts

Filter for “Free Quote” contacts

Step 5 – Configure the outgoing SMS

Now… We need to map the fields from this new Invoice into an outgoing SMS message. The fields on the screen here should be very similar to the Send SMS screen on our Web 2 SMS portal.

We’re going to merge some fields from the Contact record in Infusionsoft into a template message and then we’re going to send the SMS to the Contact’ phone number.

Enter message details

Enter message details

All this depends on the data stored in Infusionsoft being accurate and well formatted.

Step 6 – Test your new zap

Do some testing. Zapier will pull back some test data from Infusionsoft (if it finds data matching your filter settings). Pick a test case and give it a try… Or not. Remember, someone will be getting an SMS if it works.

Test the new zap

Test the new zap

Step 7 – Save the zap and activate it

Give the zap a name and activate it. That’s it. You are done.

Name the new zap

Name the new zap

Now… Go do some testing.


Please see Zapier’s documentation for the best way to debug any issues. The vast majority of issues boil down to bad data.You have to remember that all this integration is relying on the data in your Infusionsoft account being present, correct and well formatted. The old saying of garbage in, garbage out applies.