How to Benefit from SMS Marketing Like the Big Brands

American Express; BMW; Coca-Cola; Ford; Fuji Xerox; H&M;  McDonald’s; Samsung… we could go on.

If we asked you what these companies had in common, you’d be hard pressed to come up with an answer other than they are all global giants, each with a market value in the billons. Which is, of course, true, but that’s not the answer we’re looking for.

The one thing all these massive companies ­­(and thousands of others like them) have in common is the way they spend their marketing dollars:

Every single smart and big organisation today is going SMS with their marketing

Results speak for themselves

Look at how these massive brands have benefitted from SMS messaging:

  • American Express has used SMS messaging to create an entire brand called SmallShop and Small Business Saturday
  • BMW began using SMS messaging in early 2014, and saw its conversion rates increase by more than 30%
  • Ford sent SMS messages to subscribers and set up an intuitive marketing campaign that resulted in its sales funnel increase sales by 15%
  • H&M run multiple SMS marketing campaigns. In one local campaign in Berlin, 2,000 t-shirts were given away to shoppers who had received a special code and bought another item in just 48 hours
  • McDonald’s created a ‘restaurant finder’ app, sent the details via SMS messaging and had 3 million downloads.
  • Samsung reaches its users and creates customers by offering $300 to trade in their iPhones!

And when a global giant like Coca-Cola spends 70% of its entire mobile marketing budget on SMS messaging…. Need we say more?

Copying SMS messaging success at Fuji Xerox

When Fuji Xerox Australia wanted to become more involved with its customers and copy the successes seen by global brands such as those highlighted above, it asked directSMS for help. The SMS solution had to integrate seamlessly with Fuji Xerox’s software.

The company’s aim was to provide a seamless two-way conversation between the business and customer. directSMS achieved this for Fuji Xerox using its directSMS API suite, enabling Fuji Xerox to integrate directly with the directSMS SMS gateway. On top of this, the SMS gateway and directSMS SMS account also gave Fuji Xerox the reporting and tracking tools it needed to profitably run its SMS campaigns.

The result?
  • Better yield using two way interactive SMS messaging
  • Cost effectiveness, with a less labour intensive marketing solution
  • Fast to market – posting and response to interaction is immediate

How can you build your own big brand success?

You don’t have to be a big brand to have big brand success from SMS messaging. SMS marketing is affordable and offers an incredible ROI that is simply unachievable through more expensive marketing efforts. As Tom Daly, Director of Mobile, Search, and Global Connections at Coca-Cola says:

“It is important to invest your energy into things you know work, and we know that SMS works and is a thing to focus on.”

To build your brand, increase, revenue, and explode through your earnings targets, use SMS messaging with a simple strategy:

  • Understand your objectives
  • Employ a great cross functional team
  • Use clear calls-to-action
  • Think about incentivising your campaign
  • Integrate with other marketing efforts
  • Stay consistent
  • Remain compliant, and reap the rewards

Contact directSMS today, or Sign Up For Your Free Trial Now and we’ll help your marketing achieve big brand success.