How to Integrate Mobile Marketing With Your Infusionsoft Campaigns… and Why It’s Awesome!



OK, So What Exactly is Infusionsoft?      

Have you’ve ever thought how much time and effort could be saved by combining all of your mobile marketing efforts in one place? – email (such as Aweber, Mailchimp, etc.), social media marketing (Twitter, Facebook, and so on), and ecommerce apps (for example your online shopping cart) – If you just  answered yes, then Infusionsoft is a software package you’ll love.

What many don’t realise is that, with the help of Infusionsoft, mobile marketing campaigns can be fully integrated with your SMS marketing campaigns, too.

How to use Infusionsoft and SMS marketing

Infusionsoft helps to build campaigns based upon individual and group behaviours. Instead of marketing to customers, you provide a ‘customer experience’ which helps grow sales. Even better, these campaigns can be automated and personalised with interaction based upon what your customer does. For example, imagine how several mobile marketing efforts can be combined:

  • Your customer clicks on a link to your website contained within an email you sent
  • When on your website, the customer signs up to receive your weekly newsletter and enters their mobile number as requested
  • You send an SMS message welcoming the customer and telling them about your Facebook page
  • The customer ‘likes’ your Facebook page

Now you have a customer interacting on all your media. As the customer interacts with you via these social media, your marketing is better able to target to their needs and desires.


Automated, bespoke marketing at your fingertips

BOTO_TELEFON_VERMELLUsing Infusionsoft to its full potential will enable you to build flexible marketing campaigns reacting to customers’ changing lifestyles. It’s ‘Campaign Builder’ application allows you to create marketing sequences quickly, with emails and SMS messages sent in response to what each customer is doing. For example, if your customer changes address on their contact details, you can send an SMS congratulating them on their new home and alerting them to their closest store now they have moved.

Infusionsoft’s systems also allow you to set up solo messaging or group broadcasts, again based on any configuration of marketing parameters imaginable.

You’ll also benefit from real time tracking of customer actions and reactions on your sites. Consider the power of knowing a customer signed up for a free ebook, and then never downloaded it. A simple campaign will allow you to send a series of SMS and emails reminding them of their missed opportunity and offer them extra benefits.

Infusionsoft can be used to run the administrative side of marketing, too: track leads, assign them to salespeople, and create follow-up tasks and reminders.

The bottom line

Integration of your mobile marketing into a single, easy-to-use ‘administrative’ centre has never been simpler. Using Infusionsoft in combination with your mobile marketing efforts will save time and expense, and simultaneously provide a personalised customer experience leading to increased customer loyalty and higher revenues.

You can probably tell we’re big Infusionsoft fans, so much so that we’ve put together a simple step by step so that you can integrate SMS with your Infusionsoft campaign. Combining the sophisticated, intelligent features of Infusionsoft with the reach and impact of SMS marketing is incredibly powerful and will have a massive impact on your business. If you don’t have a directSMS account yet,  set up a Free Trial straight away and get started!