Mobile Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

sms-bulkSmall business owners today have access to the kind of marketing technology which was once the preserve of big business and massive marketing budgets.  It has never been easier or more cost effective to reach customers.

It’s now easy to get your message or promotion in front of your customers on the devices they use the most and carry with them everywhere: their mobile phones and tablets.

A text messaging campaign may be at the core of your mobile marketing strategy, and is a low cost way to begin your mobile marketing strategy. But there are other mechanisms you can employ which will further enhance customer engagement: the knock on effect is better audience targeting and increased conversion rates and ROI.

Additional Mobile resources

Analytics – As a small business owner you want to know how effective your campaign is and how to improve its cost effectiveness.  An analytics app which tracks results allows refinement of future campaigns, reducing cost and increasing conversion rates.

Training – There are online resources from information about new technologies available and marketing advice with training.  For anyone new to mobile marketing this may give ideas for new campaigns and help with implementation. Great results are achievable without a ‘trial and error’ approach.

GPS – Most new mobile phones come equipped with GPS locators as standard.  There are options and apps which allow you to take advantage of this information: you can refine campaigns to target customers in your immediate locality with exclusive deals and online coupons.  You can also encourage customers to use “check in” features when they visit your business – expanding your reach to their friends and followers.

Multi-media – From scanning barcodes and Quick Response (QR) codes to receiving videos via MMS, customers now have a multitude of ways to interact with their favourite brands and products.  These technologies promote engagement and improve customer experience.  They were once only available to those with large marketing budgets – now there are solutions for even the smallest business enterprise.

Email marketing – Although SMS marketing outperforms email campaigns, this does not mean email should be ignored.  Because it is so easy for customers to access email via their Smartphones and tablets, you now have the opportunity to combine your campaigns, using email as part of your overall strategy in combination with text messaging promotions.

By using all the resources and technologies available to the small business owner, you will ensure your campaigns are as effective and engaging as possible. If you coordinate these, you’ll build a complete marketing campaign around a core SMS strategy, ensuring you get an unparalleled ROI.

Such a combined approach helps build a loyal customer base while increasing brand exposure.