Mobile Marketing is Key to Successful Marketing

SMS marketing is a vital step in any marketing campaign and according to a new report by the Mobile Marketing Association, “85 percent of marketers believe that mobile is a gateway to new markets and audiences.”

The data was reported in the “Marketers Guide to Mobile and Data,” which surveyed 400 companies across the consumer product and service categories. Questions focused on how marketers perceive mobile, the impact achieved with mobile tactics, as well as the strategic advantage of data. Research was conducted by Research Now and unveiled today at the MMA’s Advertising Week conference, SM2.

“Mobile has transcended boundaries, evolving beyond its role as a connection or convergence device. Marketers no longer ask ‘why mobile’ because the future health of their brands directly depends on mobile’s role as a marketing vehicle,” said Greg Stuart, CEO, MMA. “There is no denying that mobile is business transformational and the survey results prove that mobile has advanced from an afterthought to the first thought when mapping out a marketing strategy.”

Marketers cited they are more convinced of mobile’s effectiveness after reviewing the impact of their outreach.  Depending on which platform is deployed, 40-65 percent of marketers stated their mobile tactics were extremely impactful, particularly those who integrated mobile coupons, real time location targeting and mobile optimized sites. In fact, based on the success seen so far, over 60 percent of marketers pledged to invest more in mobile over the next year.

Three Steps to Get the Most Out of Your SMS Marketing


SMS has a high open rate but with mobile users receiving up to 100 texts a day, you need to make yours stand out.  No-one wants to think they are receiving a ‘blanket’ message; they want to feel special, that you are sending this message just to them.  At directSMS we make it easy for you to personalise your messages.

To get the best ROI, try to personalise the offer you are making.  You can do this by segmenting your marketing messages.


When you set up your SMS marketing campaigns you should use keywords which will then set up a different group for each keyword campaign.  You might have keywords such as ‘offers’, ‘late deals’ or ‘new stock’ or by store location such as Westfield, Stockland etc.  You can then send each of your groups a personalised message that relates directly to their interests.  Such targeted, personalised marketing messages are far more effective than a general marketing message sent out to everyone on your lists.


We all love to save money and we also like to think of ourselves as being special.  You can make your customer feel special by offering your subscribers a coupon that only members of your list will receive. A recent study by the Institute of Information Management at the University of St. Galen shows that SMS coupons “yield a better conversion rate and a higher number of total purchases” than email coupons, despite the fact that companies are sending out more email than SMS coupons.

In short, despite the growth in apps, in email marketing and multi-channel marketing, SMS marketing is still the most effective and cost-effective method of marketing.

If you would like some more help or advice on how to set up a SMS marketing campaign please contact us.  We would be happy to show you how to do it.