Six Ways to Get the Most from Infusionsoft and SMS Marketing

Channels available for marketing have never been more diverse than they are today. For some businesses this creates a logistical nightmare: just how do you run multiple campaigns simultaneously across email, social media, websites, mobile, and SMS marketing? The answer, of course, is to use software that integrates all your modern marketing in a single package. Here we look at six innovative ways to integrate Infusionsoft with your SMS marketing and increase your revenues and customer loyalty.

1. Make sure your customers keep appointments

Even the best prospects will fail to become customers if they fail to keep your appointment. Send an SMS on the morning of the appointment. Add a link to a Google map. You could create a 30 second video as an appointment reminder and send to your customer’s smartphone.

2. Sign people up for webinars and follow up

Capture the mobile numbers of prospective (or existing) customers when they sign up for your webinar, send a reminder a few hours before and then at regular intervals to countdown to the start-time. Automate it all through Infusionsoft like Blair Hornbuckle of Bush Mango and you could benefit from a conversion rate of 20% of webinar viewers to customers.

3. Keep customers updated effortlessly

If your business requires regular updates to be sent to customers, simply set up a campaign to fire SMS messages at each stage of the process. Your customers will know where they stand and you’ll have saved hours from your working week.

4. Give something away free!

Use the power of people’s mobiles whenever and wherever you are. Tell people about the free ebook or course they will get simply by texting a simple word to the number you give them. Via Infusionsoft, these prospects become tagged contacts and captured for your SMS marketing campaign. Next time you speak publicly or hold a seminar, try this tactic. Infusionsoft’s marketing VP does exactly this and gets a greater than 90% sign-up every time.

5. Create a campaign with a call to action.

On your website, create a web-form for customers to fill out and then follow up automatically with a stepped SMS marketing campaign leading them to the desired conclusion. This can be combined with reminders and updates on progression, to create a unique customer experience.

Through the SMS campaign, ensure you create clear calls-to-action so that your customer understands what to do. Pepsi make their calls-to-action the focus of their SMS marketing campaigns, and companies like Starbucks maintain a consistent contact with weekly texts.

6. Get personal

With Infusionsoft you can get closer to your customer by personalising every text you send through every campaign. There should be no reason to send generic texts.

Infusionsoft: the ideal marketing resource

The full capabilities of Infusionsoft are rarely used. You can use keywords to target your marketing message, personalise all your marketing texts, and tag contacts to receive particular texts. You can also collect customer data, update records in real time, and log all incoming messages. It is the perfect tool for any business to reduce time commitment to different marketing channels, reducing stress and allowing you and your employees to concentrate on other business building strategies.

Why not tell us about your most effective marketing strategy using Infusionsoft?