SMS Coupons: Hot Mobile Marketing Tool?

We are living in an instant universe. We all know that the way business is conducted today is wildly different that the “tried-and-true” methods of the past. As business owners or marketers, it is on us to change with the times or to be left out in the technological cold…without customers.

Unsurprisingly, as many as 7 out of every 10 people currently living in Australia carry a mobile device and that number is on the rise. The constant need to be connected is quickly defining the population. Gone are the days when the hundreds of dollars you spent on an ad in a newspaper were considered money well spent. Quite simply, people do not take the time to sit down and read the paper looking for ways to spend their money like they used to.

SMS marketing is an exciting part of this digital and “always connected” world. It allows for direct access to your customers and provides a read-rate of 95% or more. So what is the best way to convert those read text messages into sales?

The Power of a Freebie

According to a leading global marketing firm, US consumers cashed in on 4.6 billion internet coupons last year. The power of the coupon in with the far-reaching capabilities of SMS messaging marketing is the perfect way to drive sales – especially for businesses looking to get customers in-store. If you are considering SMS couponing, there are a few hints that you should be aware of…

QR codes can also be used for SMS couponing.

QR codes can also be used for SMS couponing.

SMS Couponing: How to Get Started

  1. Know your audience- word your text message and coupon appropriately based on your target demographic.
  2. Use a world class bulk SMS provider or SMS gateway provider.
  3. Create a simple call to action that requires minimal effort on behalf of the text receiver in order to receive his or her coupon.
  4. Make sure that the offer is clear in the first few seconds of reading your text – so that the potential buyer is interested enough to read the SMS.
  5. Don’t be afraid to send reminders on particularly good deals. However, reminders should be used with caution…a well-timed reminder can be a really effective tool – but overuse can lead to annoyed customers unsubscribing.

SMS coupons are just one of the ways that businesses are using mobile marketing to drive sales – and long-term ROI. Chat to one of our mobile marketing experts and see how your business could take advantage. Get out there and get connected.