directSMS Zapier App Is Here. Visit Post To Learn More About Software For SMS.

Our all new REST API is now live. This allows developers and system integrators of software for sms to SMS enable their applications and systems very easily.

Software For SMS

Plans & Ideas

Having a RESTful API allows us to do is to create our very own directSMS app on Zapier.

What is Zapier you ask?

Zapier enables you to automate tasks between online systems or applications like Infusionsoft, Salesforce, SugarCRM, Basecamp, MailChimp, Gmail, Constant Contact, Xero, GetResponse, Zoho CRM and many more. This sms software helps you use complementary apps side-by-side very easily.

With Zapier there is no more waiting for app developers to build integrations. No more freelance programmers half a world away. And best of all, no more lengthy deployment times.

Just you and your favourite software for sms web apps getting stuff done for your business. For more information have a look on Zapier’s website.

Here are some basic examples of what you can do with this sms software:
1. Send an SMS every time a new contact is added to your CRM.
2. Send an SMS every time you receive an email on your Gmail or Hotmail.
3. Trigger the creation of a new opportunity in your Infusionsoft CRM when a customer sends you an SMS.
4. Trigger a new Email campaign in MailChimp when a lead sends an enquiry SMS.
5. Send your client an update via SMS when your staff finish processing a client request in Salesforce.
6. Create a new contact in your CRM when a customers or lead sends you an SMS
7. Trigger an SMS when a new case is created in your helpdesk system

You’re only limited by your imagination (and the other apps on Zapier) when it comes to what you can build.

How Do I Get Started With Software For SMS?

In order to use the new directSMS Zapier App, you need to:

1. Create a directSMS Account

If you already have an account with us, you can skip this bit.

Otherwise… you need to register for a free trial account. You do this by completing the registration form opposite or clicking the Free Trial link at the top of the page.

The registration form will ask you a few questions about how you want to use our services and sms software in order to better recommend the best solution for you. It asks for your mobile phone number. This will only be used for account verification. And to send your account password.

Once the registration form is completed you will receive a welcome email from our system as well as your account password. This account password will be sent to you via SMS.

2. Create an account with Zapier

To do this, you need to go to  http://www.zapier.com and complete their sign up process.

As with all good web based services, you get to trial it for free for size first.

Software For SMS

Zapier Account Sign Up

3. Add the directSMS app to your Zapier account

The directSMS app is not yet public. It is currently available by invite only. To add it to your Zapier account, go to the following URL: https://zapier.com/developer/invite/14778/8f809e0143bd670a93b4503d4b4b211e/ and accept the invite to use the directSMS Zapier app

Software For SMS

Zapier App Invite

4. Request API access on your directSMS account

You do this by emailing the support team at support@directsms.com.au. Don’t forget to include your username to expedite the process.

The support team will also give you some more free pre-paid credit to do your integration testing if needed.

5. Create your first sms software zap

You do this through a series of wizards in Zapier where you select an event to trigger the scheduling or sending of an SMS, and then completing the various details of what you want to send in the SMS.

That’s it.

Watch this space, we will be publishing some new “how to” articles about adding SMS to some common processes in systems like Salesforce, Infusionsoft and Xero.

How To Guides

Here are some articles to get you up and running with the our new Zapier app.

1. SMS Enable Salesforce CRM in 7 Easy Steps

2. Add SMS reminders for your Xero invoices

3. Add SMS to your Infusionsoft campaigns using Zapier

More to come over the next few days.

Alternatively, if you have done something very clever with the directSMS app on Zapier, we would love to hear from you.