Spot your sales funnel leaks using Infusionsoft, then plug them with SMS!

Infusionsoft helps a business to integrate its online and mobile marketing campaigns (as we’ve previously posted in six ways to get the most from Infusionsoft and SMS marketing). Using Infusionsoft, spotting leaks in your sales funnel is easy. With the right strategy you can plug those leaks with SMS messaging through your directSMS account.

Three steps to spotting the sales funnel leaks

A sales funnel is widest at the top, where the most people receive your marketing messages, and narrowest at the bottom, where those initial leads have reduced down to buyers of your goods or services. For example, you might send out 10,000 marketing SMS messages at the outset of your marketing campaign, and this converts to, say, 500 buyers.

What this statistic tells you is that you have a 5% conversion rate. Not bad. More importantly, though, it also tells you that you have a 95% drop off rate. If you can pinpoint where in the sales funnel your prospects are dropping off, you can evolve your campaign to recapture the interest and imagination of those disaffected prospects. If you do this well enough, you’ll find your conversion rates increase, and your ROI improves.

Here’s how to do this in five steps:

1. Record the numbers at every step

This gives you an understanding of exactly where the biggest drop off occurs.

2. Ask questions of the marketing process
  • How does this step interact with the previous, and the next step?
  • Is each step of the sales process helping to create a smooth flow?
  • Do your individual marketing messages make sense, and do they engage the customer to progress to the next step?
3. Analyse your sales process

Having gathered all the data and answered those questions, compare this campaign with previous ones. Look at successes first: what was done well that can inform this campaign? Consider the impact that each stage has had on the numbers as they drop off, and ask why?
What are the best sales processes in your company, and what SMS messaging has worked best in the past? You should now come to a conclusion about not only where but why your marketing process has leaked most.

4. Analyse your sales prospects

You will have to also look at your prospects, identifying what is common between those that follow through your marketing campaign and those that don’t. Examine this information at each stage of the process.
Now you have found your leaks and what has caused them. Now comes the question of what can be done to plug those leaks?

5. Plugging sales funnel leaks with SMS messaging

salesfunnnelAs each campaign runs its course, following the above process of analysis will help you to iterate to successively better results as you evolve marketing messages to encourage greater interaction. However, you can also use SMS messaging to recapture the leads lost in your current campaign.
For example, if you are selling a property investment report and the first three steps have a high follow through, but the forth step has a large drop off, you’ll want to analyse what your marketing messages communicated and establish a reason for the drop off. It may be that this stage is the first in which you have mentioned Brisbane as a target investment market. When examining your drop-offs, it’s clear that prospects in Sydney have been disenfranchised from the process. The opportunity now is to send an SMS that highlights your expertise in the Sydney market and encourages those prospects to reengage with your sales funnel.

If you’d like to know more about integrating Infusionsoft with your directSMS account, and how to contact directSMS today: one of our representatives will be happy to answer any questions you have on the phone, or you can use email if you prefer.