Still using that fax machine? No, neither are your customers:

How to Use Virtual Numbers to Increase Sales & Engagement

SMS is a cost effective way of extending your reach to customers and, if used correctly, to ignite sales. Using a Virtual Number allows customers from almost anywhere to connect with your business. And interacting with your audience becomes easy: send updates, offers, promotions, or other important information that you want to be seen immediately.

What you get with a virtual SMS number from directSMS

Virtual SMS numbers are easy-to-remember virtual mobile numbers (or a standard number if you prefer). You can send and receive texts, but replies go to the directSMS platform. It then allows you to view the message in a number of ways:
    • Online
    • Email
    • Forwarded to a URL
    • Processed to an auto-responder campaign

With a virtual SMS number, your target audience can easily sign up to your marketing lists or respond to direct campaigns. You can also choose to make inbound texts free-of-charge, increasing the likelihood of a target client contacting you. You’ll build customer lists more quickly, and have even better response rates to marketing campaigns.

You’ll also be able to replace that old fax that no one uses, and allow customers to send images or confidential documents to your virtual SMS number.

3 ways that companies have ignited sales using virtual SMS numbers

sparklerHere are three real-life examples of how companies have ignited their sales pipelines by using virtual SMS numbers:

1. Powering-up sales with electric results

A power company ran a campaign with a free-to-contact virtual SMS number. The idea was to give the sales team a large and warm contact list to initiate switches from other power companies. People were invited to send in photos of their current energy bills via the virtual SMS, and these messages were routed to the power company’s sales team.

The bills would be analysed, and the client contacted if the power company could provide energy cheaper than the client’s existing provider.

2. Exponential Sales at an Expo

A training company had been attending an annual expo for several years, with mixed results. Often the bookings taken were barely enough to cover the cost of attendance at the event. The company decided to invest in a virtual SMS number, and encourage people to sign up to receive course information online and into their email box. Representatives of the training company were coached to inform people of the initiative, and the majority signed up while still standing with the representative.

Costs of printing expensive promotional material were slashed, and the company was able to build up a sizeable list of interested potential students over the course of the expo for further marketing and promotional efforts.

3. Accelerating sales at Subaru

Subaru Australia used a virtual SMS number campaign to ensure the release of a new model hit the ground running.

The company promoted the WRX heavily, and created buzz with its fast, flash, innovative television and media campaigns. These urged people not to miss out, and promoted an SMS number to text and book a test drive. Needless to say, test drives booked over the first few days delivered exceptional results.

How will you use a virtual SMS number to drive your sales?

These are only three strategies that different companies have employed to drive sales with the aid of virtual SMS numbers. There are an unlimited number of ways in which your company could benefit from virtual SMS numbers, and gain real traction to propel yourself ahead of competitors. Why not contact directSMS today, and one of our representatives will be happy to discuss all your options with you. After all, your success is our success.