How and When to use Mobile Marketing to get the Best Results

Getting the best from any form of marketing requires skill in its use. Build a marketing program with the wrong strategy, or implement the right strategy at the wrong time, and any investment made will be wasted. Mobile marketing programs that fail do so because they haven’t been properly strategized and planned. By following a few simple rules, your mobile marketing program will succeed where others fail.

How to develop a mobile marketing strategy

The number of people using mobile devices continues to sky rocket, and if you haven’t got a plan to get in on the action then you’re allowing your competition to take massive strides ahead of you. If you’re developing a mobile marketing plan for the first time or have suffered from a poorly planned marketing strategy previously, the way forward can seem daunting. Here are four ways to improve your mobile marketing:

  1. Take stock of your goals

Think about your aims, and create measurable metrics to compare performance before, during, and after any campaign.

  1. Use social media and website traffic as an aid to your marketing.

Make sure that your website is easily navigable, and create engaging content. Make certain that you leverage this content through other social media and mobile marketing channels, such as Facebook, email, and SMS.

  1. Use external expertise

Hire a consultant to help you plan, and utilise the power of existing marketing platforms. This reduces the learning curve, saving time and money.

  1. Combine different mobile tools in an integrated strategy

Campaigns that use a combination of social media and other marketing techniques work incredibly well. Create a marketing strategy, focusing on your goals, and utilising direct SMS, email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Think about increasing customer engagement by making interaction enjoyable, easy, and sustainable.

How to execute an effective mobile marketing program

Once you have developed your basic plan, there will be plenty of meat to put on the bones. Here are five things to do to ensure your marketing campaign doesn’t fall flat and underperform:

  1. Be concise

Mobile devices have a limited size screen. Make sure you use it effectively by de-cluttering your message: follow the AIDA principles for maximum effect.

  1. Target the right audience

Figure out who your audience is and market to them. If they are gamers, market by placing ads on gaming sites as well as utilising social media and SMS marketing routes.

  1. Think local as well as global

Optimise messages and online content for local searches. Around one third of all internet searches are conducted to find local retail and services.

  1. Measure your results

Create a benchmark of success, and measure along a mile-stoned path. Underperformance can be corrected by remaining agile in approach.

  1. Don’t be afraid to experiment

There are lots of different mobile marketing strategies – QR codes, SMS messages, email, social media messages, and Twitter competitions, to name but a few. Experiment and find the right ones for your audience.

Create a marketing timetable

People have their mobile devices with them at most times of the day, but effective campaigns will pay heed to the needs of the customer and when those needs are at their most pressing. For example, Christmas turkeys don’t sell too well in June. Think about time of the year, and create a marketing diary well in advance. Proper planning prevents poor performance.

Mobile marketing involves a large variety of strategies, any of which may be effective. Consider your customer first, and then build around them and your budget.