How to use SMS marketing to improve your customer service

Today’s customer is more savvy and sophisticated then previous generations, due to the technology available to them. They have unparalleled access to information via blogs, reviews, forums, and so on. The net effect is that traditional marketing methods are becoming less effective.To thrive in this new customer-centric climate, companies need to stand apart from their competition by focusing on customer service and offering enhanced experiences.

How customers make buying decisions

Today’s customers base their buying decisions on a number of factors, including:

  • Cost
  • Locality
  • Brand awareness
  • Customer values

By providing these four elements as a minimum, companies promote customer loyalty. Marketing exists to ‘spread the word’, though marketing strategies have shifted from traditional channels to more innovative communication.

Whatever marketing method you use, it is important to ensure your message is relevant to media savvy customers.

How to make your SMS message ‘speak’ to your customers

When composing your SMS marketing campaigns focus on the issues which are important to your customers, remaining authentic and consistent to your brand values. Remember that customers are now more informed than ever before, and contradictory messages will soon be exposed.

Customers want true personalisation which traditional marketing struggles to deliver.  Be brave and trust intangible factors, such as your corporate culture. When your core values resonate with those of your customers, brand identification increases.

Finally, it is seldom possible to use processes or technology to gain an advantage over competitors because features are now easily replicated in today’s technically adept industries. In today’s market, the way to stand out is by addressing actual customer issues and improving the customer experience.

Listen to your customers and show your commitment to them by making real changes.  SMS marketing is an ideal way to seek feedback, increasing your understanding of customer needs, values, and desires. When you do find out about your customers, ensure you follow through and implement suggestions. Then, let your customers know that you value them by letting them know you’ve acted on the feedback.

By personalising your message and focussing attention on the issues your customers feel are important, you’ll engender loyalty and increase referral business. And during this process you’ll grow your list of willing customers that want to hear from you wherever they are.