Send SMS Broadcasts From Your Mobile Phone Or Tablet Using Web Based Sms

Web Based SMS

Use your phone or tablet to send bulk messages through directSMS

We’ve had a number of customers ask about how to use the directSMS web to SMS (Web Based SMS) service while they are on the run.

The following will hopefully give you a quick run down on how to use our Web Based SMS services send or schedule your group broadcasts from your phone or tablet.

The new look customer portal was designed to allow you to access all the features available in our customer portal no matter the screen size. Each page will resize itself in order to give you the most user friendly experience possible while showing all the data elements it needs to show to utilise our Web Based SMS services.

We’ll start by looking at how to send an SMS broadcast to your contacts.

1. Login

Go to the usual address for the directSMS customer portal at http://my.directsms.com.au.

Web Based SMS

Step 1 – Login to customer portal

Log on using your directSMS username and password.

2. Main Menu

Once you’ve logged in, click on the “Menu” as per the screen grab below. This will show the main menu for the portal. The main menu items are usually displayed as tabs on the desktop version.

Web Based SMS

Step 2 – Click Menu

To send a new SMS broadcast, click on “Messaging Tools”.

Web Based SMS

3 – Click Messaging Tools

3. Bring Up Sub Menu

The sub menu is hidden usually so as not to take up room. To access this, click on the menu image on the right hand side as per the screen grab below.

From there, the “Messaging Tools” sub menu will appear and you can click on “Send SMS To Contacts”.

Web Based SMS

4 – Click Send To Contacts

4. Enter Web Based SMS Message Details

Once on the Send SMS To Contacts screen, you can:
1. Select or type the names or numbers of the contacts or groups to send the broadcast to.
2. The type of message you want to send them. Whether 1-way or 2-way so they can reply.
3. The actual message text including any personalisation fields.

Web Based SMS

5 – Enter Message Details

If you are happy with the how everything looks in the message preview, click “Send Now” to send the broadcast straight away or “Send Later” to schedule the broadcast to go out at a later date and time.

Web Based SMS

6 – Preview Message

That’s it. You’ve sent or scheduled your first broadcast on the run!