Why SMS Marketing Builds Loyalty More Effectively than Email Marketing

Closeup of female hand using a smart phone. Shallow depth of fieldEveryone knows that loyalty programs create interest in brands and help to build a valuable relationship with customers, generating repeat business and word of mouth referrals.  The key to success with any loyalty marketing program is engagement.  How well do you communicate the offers available and highlight special promotions? How well do you follow up with your customers?

A loyalty program managed through a bulk SMS gateway has many benefits over traditional email marketing campaigns.

Easy Sign Up

Gathering customer contacts by text is far easier than by email. With SMS messaging, all a customer need do to sign up is enter a keyword (for example ‘loyalty’) and send to your designated number (just five digits). Compare this to the options for gathering email addresses:

  • Completing a manual form which has to be transferred to your mail delivery program.  This relies on clear handwriting and error free input to ensure that the email addresses are captured correctly.
  • Using an online sign up form which can be completed via the customers mobile.  Again, this relies on the customer filling in the correct email address.

With the text method option the sign up process is quick and easy, and requires no further input from you.


Pretty much everybody reads their text messages, often within a couple of minutes of receiving them.  In contrast, emails are notorious for being deleted without the customer ever opening them.  Some may even be relegated to junk folders and be automatically deleted without the customer realising they even received those emails.


After ensuring your promotional messages are being read, the next hurdle is to inspire your customers to take action, and take advantage of the fact that far more people respond to SMS promotions than email marketing. A clearly defined, targeted SMS message achieves this perfectly.

Immediate and Proximity

Not only do 99% of people open a text, but 90% of them do it within 3 minutes of receiving it.  This presents you with the opportunity to offer your customers time sensitive promotions and rewards, perhaps to boost footfall in a shop on a slow day.  What’s more, you can reach your customers wherever they are – not just when they are online and sat at their computer.

Easy to set up and run

SMS marketing is easy to set up, and cost effective with a high ROI.  The systems are easy to use, and SMS messages can be sent online or via email.

In fact, for instant marketing that will be instantly received and read, SMS messaging campaigns are unbeatable. They are easier to set up than email campaigns, have higher response rates, and can be sent with immediacy in mind for the most effective marketing impact.