How to not Annoy but Engage the SMS Reader

An ill written SMS text can be as frustrating to the reader as an unwanted telemarketing call during your family dinner. The one thing I always do is make sure that I discern who the call is from before I hang up on them and then vow never to buy from that company again. Today’s consumer is much more informed than those of a few decades ago. They demand more and they research their options thanks to the advent of the internet and social media. A well timed and informative SMS message is welcomed by most potential customers but there are unwritten rules that you need to follow to make sure that you do not alienate your prospective client base.

Watch your Tone!

“If I had a dollar for every time I have heard this in my life I would not have to be writing this article.” Let’s see who I offended with the first line of this section. Well, first I offended the reader because they are now made aware that I have written this article for some sort of remuneration and therefore perhaps in their eyes it lacks a certain amount of credibility. Secondly I may have offended my employer who rightly or wrongly may assume I have no vested interest in the subject.   Lastly, I may have offended anyone who knows me and has read this article. On all counts the people that may have been offended are dead wrong but how would they know that. It is a text message and easily read a million different ways. Some may have thought I was being funny, some may have thought I absolutely hated writing the article. Still others may have thought that I was simply going through the motions trying to drum up a sale.  All of those suppositions are just that, suppositions not truths, hence my point.

You want to maintain a level of friendliness to your writing but not a cavalier nonchalance that treats each and every reader like they have been your best friend since kindergarten. Write each message as if you want people to feel you are approachable yet make sure they don’t want to come over every night to hang out.

Content is Key

SMS marketing is a valuable tool in reaching your customers but it is not a social media darling like Twitter or Facebook and should not be treated as such. If your reader is receiving multiple texts a month from you saying “Hi, we have great prices come check them out” they will certainly opt out of their subscription. You may even lose their business. You have to have something to offer a prospective client in each and every text. Whether it is a coupon or letting them know about the sale you have on that week, something of value to them, not you. Write well and only when you have something of value to say.

Make the Incentive Worthwhile

Free is always a good place to start but we all can’t offer something for free. If you can’t offer something for free why not offer them a discount for their opinion. A little respect goes a long way to fattening your bottom line. Contact directSMS today to find out what SMS service suits your needs and begin your free trial.