Improve Customer Service with SMS

We all know by now that SMS marketing is the most effective of all marketing mediums, but did you know that SMS can also play a vital role in building customer loyalty?

Used effectively SMS can not only bring customers to you and encourage them to spend; it can also be a vital tool in customer care.

Here are our top tips for great customer care with SMS

1.     Keep Clients Informed

If a client has ordered something from you use SMS to let them know when it will be delivered.  Ideally, provide them with a link to a mobile friendly site where they can check on their package’s progress.

If you are in a service industry, use SMS to remind your clients of their appointments.  Ideally do this a week before and then either the day before or the day of the appointment.  We all lead busy lives these days and this simple reminder can ensure lower missed appointments and keep your clients happy.

2.     Provide Feedback Opportunities

As soon as your client has bought an item (using a mobile coupon), kept an appointment or received a package, send them a text message asking them about their experience.

A simple short, personalised, message such as “What did you think of our service?”  Or “We’d like to know what you felt about your order/service?” is enough.

With directSMS you can set up a template message that you can easily personalise to send to clients to find out what they thought of your service.

This opportunity to provide instant feedback is appreciated by customers and can be vital in maintaining good customer relations.

Let us imagine for a moment that the item or service provided did not meet the customer’s expectations.   If you send them a feedback request you can instantly sort out the problem and retain a happy customer.

If you don’t offer them the opportunity for instant feedback and the chance to have their issue resolved they will instead complain about you and your product/service to their friends and on social media.  You have not only lost that client, but potential other clients too.

3.    Ask their Opinions

Unlike other marketing mediums SMS is a 2-Way marketing channel and the most efficient SMS marketers make use of this by getting their customers involved with their company.

If you are unsure which offer to run with, where to open a new store or even what opening hours to go with for a special event – ask your customers.

They will feel honoured and respected by you as a company and you will find out what your customers really want.  It is a win-win situation.  You have happy customers and you can provide them with the service or product they want – which means they are more likely to buy it.

4.    Build Up a Better Picture of Your Customers

Finally, if you follow all the above steps you will be able to build up a better picture of your customers.  You will know what they want and don’t want from you as a company, what products/services they prefer and what coupons/offers they are most likely to respond to.

You can use this knowledge to create even more personalised and segmented marketing campaigns that will be more effective with these clients and which will continue to build customer loyalty to your company.

If you need any advice about how to put any of these customer service steps in motion, contact us and we’ll be pleased to help.