Three Steps to Improve Your SMS Marketing


How is Your SMS Marketing Performance?

Whatever the response rate on your marketing SMS campaigns, you’ll want to increase your sales.

The temptation is to increase the number of subscribers in order to increase sales. Let’s imagine you send 1,000 texts, and 1% of recipients buy the games console you’re selling at $500. That’s $5,000 worth of sales. If you could double your subscriber numbers, then it follows that your sales would double, doesn’t it?

Instead of spending time and effort, and money, on searching for new subscribers, however, you should first ask yourself why 99% of your subscribers aren’t buying those games consoles you’re offering at such amazing value.

In other words, instead of increasing your subscriber base and relying on that 1% response rate, you should better target the 99% your marketing SMS recipients who aren’t responding.

Here are three easy steps to improve your SMS marketing services.

Send To Smaller Groups

The first thing to do is to stop sending to all 1,000 people on your database. Divide this number into smaller groups, perhaps 100 or 250, and send your marketing SMS to these smaller groups separately.

This will allow you to test with different text parameters.

Send Marketing SMS Campaigns at Different Times

The likelihood is that you send your texts at the same time. Perhaps the same week, even the same day. With these smaller groups, you can test the best time to send in this way:

  • Send your marketing SMS on different weeks with different groups

Measure the results and find which week receives the best response.

  • Test a different day

Once you’ve discovered the best week to send your campaign, then you can narrow down to the best day. This might be an actual day of the week, or even a date. For example, a Monday may be best; or the first Saturday of the month; or the 1st of the month, after most people have been paid.

  • Test a different time of the day

Does the response rate suffer at different times of the day? If you are promoting health foods, for example, does your response rate rise if you market around midday? Will books be better marketed by sms during rush hours, when commuters are stuck on trains?

Fine Tune Your SMS Marketing

If you’ve followed the AIDA principle, then the hope would be that you are getting maximum ‘bang for your buck’. But it may be that what you consider to be:

  • Attention grabbing,
  • Interest arousing,
  • Desire promoting, and
  • Action warranting.

Just doesn’t do it for the recipients of your SMS marketing.

Your attention grabbing headline might read, “50% off all console games today!” With your smaller groups you could try different versions of this, such as, “Half price games today only”, or “Console games at never-to-be-repeated prices!”

As you test different marketing SMS copy, you’ll soon begin to discover which have the best response rates: it is these you’ll want to keep.

Last But Not Least…

The objective is to work out what is stopping the 99% who don’t respond positively to your SMS marketing from doing so. By testing with smaller groups you’ll more easily find the winning formula of time, day, week, and message.

But don’t stop there. Great SMS marketing requires a strategy of continually aiming to improve upon what you have in place already. The market place is continually changing, and you’ll need to keep one step ahead.

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