How to use SMS marketing to promote your social channels

social-channels SMS marketing is perfect to both complement and drive traffic to your social media channels.  Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are fast becoming the primary method by which many companies engage with their customers.

Ensuring your customers can find and access your social media channels is key to your marketing success, and the most successful companies know how to use SMS marketing to add momentum to their social media marketing campaigns.

Prompt customer engagement

SMS prompts may include a URL to direct customers to your social media channels, enabling easy customer access to online pages. According to the Yellow Social Media Report, 67% of social media users access their social media via their smartphone. SMS prompts allow immediate homepage access from anywhere.

SMS marketing targets tech savvy users in the prime target demographic of social media users.

3 ways to use SMS to increase your follower numbers

  1. Create a viral SMS

    Offer incentives and prizes as reward for your SMS subscribers spreading the word about your social media sites via a bespoke URL.

  2. Enable click-to-share

    Create content which the customer can click to be posted to Twitter and Facebook.  Encourage reposting by combining with a viral SMS campaign.

  3. Promote by interactive quizzes

    Quizzes are fun for customers and followers to engage with.  They can be run daily or weekly and can be based on photos on your Facebook channel or previous tweets on your Twitter page. Heinz reached 10.8 million people with a two-week quiz it ran on Facebook in 2012, gaining 10,000 shares and growing their Facebook community by 30,000 in the process.

Next steps

Having amassed a large SMS list and social media following, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to provide further impetus with follow through. Content can be repurposed for use across your range of marketing platforms. You can use SMS to promote your social pages, providing news and information that encourages further customer engagement.

Compared to more traditional and online advertising campaigns, SMS marketing is extremely cost effective. It has a guaranteed visibility – who doesn’t open their emails? – and is the ideal companion tool for growing a social media following.

With a little imagination and a well-designed SMS campaign, it’s possible to drive your marketing message across all of your social media platforms. With more people than ever before using their smartphones to access their social media accounts, list building has never been easier – as Heinz found, if you provide a reason for your customers to share your message they will.