Who should be using Mobile Marketing, and Why does it Work?

Although mobile marketing is far cheaper than many other forms of marketing (and easier to execute, too), businesses still ask if the outlay of cash and effort will produce worthwhile results. Common questions include:

  • Does mobile marketing reach a target audience?
  • Will conversion rates prove valuable?

Reaching your audience

This is the number one concern of most marketing strategies. If placing an advert in a newspaper, time will be spent deciding which newspaper is most read by target customers.

Mobile marketing can be targeted to customers who exhibit profiles of potential buyers.

An SMS message can be released at the optimum time of day (for example, to promote a fast food promotion at lunch time), and with 98% of all text messages being read within a couple of minutes mobile marketers can be almost certain their message will reach the intended audience.

It’s clear that mobile marketing can be executed to reach a target customer when it is most relevant. The result is better targeting combined with higher view rates.

Will conversion rates prove valuable?

According to Smart Insights, conversion rates on tablets stand at around 2.6%. That’s a fraction below conversion rates on traditional marketing (3.1%). However, when considering the cost of marketing, mobile marketing is around 100 times less expensive. Mobile marketing campaigns can be created with no set-up fees, and provide great flexibility to react to market conditions. They are fast, effective, and efficient, with an ROI way above traditional marketing methods.

Should you use mobile marketing?

Here’s the crunch question: is mobile marketing right for you?

For companies and organisations selling products or services, the ability to target customers is important. By collecting and collaborating customer data, this targeting becomes more efficient and leads to higher conversion rates.

Smartphone and tablet ownership is increasing year-on-year. Smartcompany recently released research showing that 40% of Australians own a tablet, and 66% own a smartphone. When marketing to mobile device owners, you and your products could be reaching out to huge numbers of potential customers, all of whom are connected most of the day.

Perhaps the best way to answer the question of whether your organisation should be using mobile marketing is to ask yourself this:

  • Would you buy your own product or service?
  • Do you own a mobile, tablet, or smartphone?

If the answer to these two questions is ‘yes’, then you have a definitive answer to the question posed in the title of this article